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Quality management

Our quality promise: best fruits – optimal processing – no additives

Fruit pulp by Tropifruit are three times good and you can taste it.

This starts with the raw materials. Namely, we use only the best, ripe fruits, which were particularly long spoiled by the sun.

Immediately after the harvest they are optimally processed and frozen care. So not only remain all valuable ingredients – such as healthy vitamins and vital minerals – receive.

In addition, the full-bodied and fresh taste of our fruits is not affected and preserved by this process. Additives are not used at all in the production of our healthy products. That’s why our fruit pulp is 100 percent natural – naturally delicious and tasty, of course.

Transport – From our production to your freezer – continuous frozen!

Our fruit pulp leave our production facilities in Colombia in a frozen state and are shipped by sea freight from Cartagena to Hamburg in special refrigerated containers. Once it arrives in the port of Hamburg, the products are picked up from the special frozen goods freight forwarder Transthermos and stored deep frozen in a central distribution warehouse in Hamburg-Bahrenfeld.

Our 100% natural fruit pulp is delivered to your home packed in high quality reusable Styrofoam boxes with dry ice. Thus, we can guarantee that the products will continuously remain frozen for up to 72 hours.

Because of this careful process, we can guarantee compliance with the cold chain rules and regulations and can therefore comply and show the HACCP certificate.

Sustainability and Integrated Production

We guarantee our premium quality, which we of course require also from our partners. That’s why we at Tropifruit participate on integrated production (IP). This includes agricultural cultivation and production methods, which follows strict both ecological and economic requirements.

Primarily the farmer has strict management controls (cultivation techniques, crop rotation, variety selection, plant protection and plant nutrition) to adapt to the natural conditions. The soil and the environment is perfectly protected thanks to environmentally friendly farming, natural fertilizers and pesticides.

Also at the same time we try to prevent the pollution of groundwater and surface water, as well as material inputs in adjacent habitats. Another goal is to maintain the versatile functional processes in agriculture and the economy in agricultural yields.

Fair trade policy

To preserve the jobs and work in the country of origin, processing and packaging of our fruit pulp all happens in the country of harvest and origin.
Our production in Colombia is working with cooperatives in their own country. Therefore, it has long-term “partnership” relations with all farmers and consolidating the fair proportion of these associated partnerships.

This cooperation guarantees us the best results, because quality can only be guaranteed if one knows their harvest and appreciation of it.


Our products have the following certificates and are approved by the following authorities:

  • ISO 22000: 2005 (Cotecna Certificadora Services LTDA)
  • ISO 9001: 2008 (Cotecna Certificadora Services LTDA)
  • HACCP Decree 60: 2002 (Bureau Veritas)
  • HACCP CAC / RCP 1-1969 Revision 4: 2003 (Cotecna Certificadora Services LTDA)
  • Colombian Ministry of Agriculture, MinAgricultura (Ministerio de Agricultura y Desarrollo Rural)
  • Vegan certified (European Vegetarian Union)
  • Organic certified – Organic control: DE-ÖKO-007 (PDF)
  • Ministry of Health of the USA (United States Department of Health and Human Services) – Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
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