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Generally the cultivation of tropical fruits is carried out at different heights between 400 to 2,600 m above sea level. This rule varies and differentiates depending on the climatic conditions, as well as various soil conditions. Because of these differences, all kind and varieties of fruits are grown as a basis for Tropifruit.

Harvesting and processing

The fruits ripen completely natural, and utmost attention is being paid at their harvest to carefully select only the best part of the fruit – the pulp. From that pulp the delicious shock frozen products are being made. They are all 100% pure fruit pulp, which serve as a basis to produce healthy juices, fresh smoothies, cocktails and creative shakes.

The number of possible recipes for Tropifruit products from this fruit pulp is almost limitless. Our fruit pulp is used in many other products, some of which are; ice cream, soft drinks, jelly and candy, various canned products and several other food products. Because of today’s industrial process of tropical fruits and their careful preservation by shock freezing and pasteurization a wide variety of fruits are available to our customers year round.

Problems such as change of seasons and special limited harvesting times as well as losses due to over-ripening and rotting fruit are now being a thing of the past.

This results in great benefits to the food processing industry and for end-users.

Quality of Tropifruit

The fruit processing industry achieved with the method described above both stable prices and high quality of products due to the uniform and large selection, the strict observance of hygiene rules and the careful handling and processing of fruits.

Only the fruit pulp is used for the production of our products, which is the edible part of the fruit. It is harvested in a specific technological process by separating the non-edible parts of the fruit (shell, seeds, stems). The fruit pulp’s nutrients, flavor, color and aroma is therefore conserved.

In addition, those are absolute pure ingredients that are free of toxic residues from any pesticide operations, as well free of parasites and vegetable or animal waste. For the processing step all fruit has been carefully selected, disinfected and peeled, then the freezing of the final product was carried out at -20 ° C (-4 Fahrenheit).

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