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Mix super fresh smoothies


Fresh smoothies are trendy and everone loves them because they can be mixed according to personal preference, taste deliciously fruity and are true vitamin bombs for your body.

The preparation in the conventional way can be a bit complicated: You first have to buy the fruit, peel it, crush it and mix it.

These processing steps are eliminated with Tropifruit. The fruit pulp is already prepared and ready-to-use and a great base for smoothies and juice drinks of all kinds.

Of course, the fruit pulp can be prepared with any kind of desired ingredients combined with your favorite smoothie.


  1. Cut open frozen bag.
  2. Put fruit pulp into blender.
  3. Add 150ml juice or water per 100g (1 portion).
  4. sugar or honey according to best taste.
  5. Mix 30 seconds on high velocity.
  6. Serve and enjoy fresh.


Mango Smoothie

1 x mango 100g (1 portion)

150ml orange juice

sugar or honey according to best taste

Berry strong

50g (½ portion) strawberry

50g (½ portion) andean blackberry

150ml blackcurrant juice

sugar or honey according to best taste


50g (½ portion) feijoa

50g (½ portion) guava

150ml grapefruit juice

sugar or honey according to best taste


50g (½ portion) lulo

50g (½ portion) lime

150ml water

sugar or honey according to best taste

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