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Mix exotic fresh juices


See for yourself how fresh, healthy, exotic and self-made juices taste: The best of the fruit processed into 100% natural fruit pulp that is immediately shock frozen  – fresher than that is just fruit that you can pick in your own garden! But there, “in your garden” we are sure you don’t have 20 different exotic South American tropical fruit varieties growing. Classic tropical fruits like mango and passion fruit, as well as nearly unknown exotic fruits still in South America itself, such as Soursop and Gulupa!

You can prepare your juices as usual done in Latin America and prepare them simply with water and sugar, but you can also create your own blends and mixes. Our suggestion: simply add apple or orange juice to your Tropifruit mix and find out what tastes best to you and your family or your guests.

We recommend exotic pineapple, strawberry and papaya juice in a proportion of a 1:2 mix, all other types of fruit in a proportion 1:3. Sugar, honey or other type of sweetener may be added for better taste – and ready is your fresh juice!


  1. Cut open frozen bag.
  2. Put fruit pulp into blender.
  3. Add 300ml water or juice per 100g (1 portion).
  4. Add some sugar or honey according to best taste.
  5. Mix 30 seconds on high velocity.
  6. Serve and enjoy fresh.



1 x strawberry 100g (1 portion)

200ml water

sugar or honey according to best taste


1 x lime 100g (1 portion)

300ml water

sugar or honey according to best taste

Colombian Dream

1 x lulo 100g (1 portion)

200ml apple juice (natural)

sugar or honey according to best taste


50g (½ portion) papaya

50g (½ portion) peach

300ml water

sugar or honey according to best taste

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