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Healthy Lifestyle

Vitamin-rich food as a fundamental building block for a healthy lifestyle

As humans, we are dietary generalists and belong to the group of so-called “omnivores” (latin for: eat-it-all). That means that we do not specialize in our food consumption as the carnivores (meat eaters) or herbivores (plant eaters). Our masticatory system and our digestive system are programmed for a versatile food spectrum.

To eat healthily is done most easily by a balanced and varied diet, one that includes daily fresh fruit and vegetables. It should contain all the important major nutrients (protein, carbohydrates and fat) as well as vitamins, minerals, trace elements, dietary fiber and phytochemicals in optimum quantity.


A simple health formula: Enjoy a lot of herbal freshness!

The change from constantly wandering hunters and gatherers of the Stone Age to the seddled agriculturalists took place around 10,000 years ago. In the pre-history and early history of humanity certain climate and hunting conditions decided whether more meat was consumed, or whether nuts, mushrooms, fruits, seeds and other plants were available as food.

With agriculture, especially livestock farming and the cultivation of wheat, fruits and vegetables, wheat established in Germany as an important component for food consumption. Only over the past 100 years fresh seasonal food was given competition from industrially produced and conserved finished products. Many of these industrially conserved finished food products are too energetic, contain too much fat and are too spicy. No problem, if we eat them in moderation, but in larger amounts they damage our health.

Quite different are Tropifruit products: Although the fruit pulp was preserved by shock freezing, it is not a finished product in a negative sense. Quite the opposite, it is so pure and original as the fruits, of which it consists.


Why Tropifruit fruit pulps convince as healthy food

Classic tropical fruits are characterized by a diverse range of flavors, from intensely sweet to pleasantly acidic taste. The fruits pulp usually has a high water content, making them low in calories, but at the same time provide many vitamins and mineral salts.

They are no longer unknown exotic fruits on the shelf, but not every consumer knows how to prepare such fruits like guava, mango or passion fruit. Also some exotic fruits are so fragile that they are unsuitable for long journeys – for example, the Guanábana.

Tropifruit fruit pulp with exotic fruit that consists of pressure-sensitive fruit bodies and have been freshly harvested, processed and shock frozen will survive even the longest journies without losing any vitamins or flavor!

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