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Business and commercial customers/clients contact us directly here.


For maximum sales success with our complete service from one source.

We not only care professionally for the distribution of portioned fruit pulps, but support our clients also by targeted group and specific marketing and POS advertising.

We are absolutely convinced of the enormous potential of our quality products, and want to share this with our partners to write the “Tropifruit success story” – based on trust, commitment and long-term formulated advertising strategies.

Inquire to learn more about on how we can help you make Tropifruit an absolute success.

Marketing Activities

  • Tropifruit launch events in major cities and trendy locations (including tastings)
  • Promotions and collaborations
  • Advertising: Billboards and displays, ads and flyers
  • PR activities
  • POS promotional activities
  • Guerrilla Marketing
  • Presence on all relevant food, beverage, biotechnology and trade shows
  • Social-& Multimedia Activities

POS Advertising

  • Advertising on counter freezer and counter freezer cubes
  • POS-freezers
  • Promotional glasses 0.3l and 0.5l
  • Roll-Up Display and posters
  • Tropifruit Bar
  • Ceiling hangers
  • Table displays


For the hospitality / HORECA we offer our fruit pulp in 5 kg bags , aseptic ( not frozen ) as well as deep-frozen . In addition, our 1kg units and 1kg boxes ( 10 x 100g ) find good use in this business and industry as well.

Industrial Solution

We are proud to offer all our fruit pulp also frozen in 180 kg drums as well as in aseptically (unfrozen) form in 200 kg drums and 20 kg containers.
Are you for example an ice-cream, beverage or jelly manufacturer? We have the right solution and products for you to give your products a 100% natural signature and manufacturing process.

Private Label

Your own/private logo on our fruit pulp!

We offer the opportunity to manufacture all our products as a private label option for you.


Are you interested in becoming a business partner/distributor of Tropifruit, then please contact us directly here.

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